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Magnetic Health Couple Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

• Both bracelets are silver in color and made of titanium steel. Each bracelet contains magnetic rocks on inside and rhinestone channels on outside.
• Simple yet sophisticated design of each bracelet blends smoothly with your outfit. Ideal for daily wear.
• Magnetized rocks set into bracelets that have been rumored by some to have healing effects.
• Rhinestone channels on outer surface of bracelets sparkle gently to dazzle the senses of your loved one. Present these bracelets as unforgettable couple’s gifts for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s Day.
• Expertly-polished surfaces of both bracelets radiate class and elegance to onlookers.
• Titanium steel used to create both bracelets to ensure high durability.

Product Specifications:
Style: Couple Bracelets
Quantity: 2pcs
Material: Titanium, Rhinestone,Magnet
Condition: New and high quality