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Lovers Anchor Helm Couple's Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

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• Both necklaces carry alloy pendants with either a blue or red crystal embedded. One pendant is shaped as an anchor the other as a helm. Necklaces are made of wax.
• Anchor and helm designs of both pendants make for unique, authentic accessories that add a more refined look to your outfit.
• Aged alloy metal pendants are slightly covered in rust to give a more rustic, authentic look. Catch eyes with this unique feature.
• Engraved on the surface of both pendants is “LOVE” making them ideal as romantic gifts for couples celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.
• Sole blue/red embedded crystal adds a flare of excitement to each piece.
• Wax cord in necklace for the ultimate authentic, refined look.
• Alloy metal pendants are highly durable and resist scratches.
Product Specifications:
Total length: 45+5cm
Material: Alloy, Wax cord
Package Included:
1 pair lovers necklaces

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