18K White Gold Plated 2 Piece Growing Vines Black and White Couple Pen – EverMarker

Platinum Plated Growing Vines Couple Pendant Necklaces

$147.04 $69.50

Brand EverMarker

• Each necklace has a black or white shaft with platinum plated vines wrapped around. Both pendants also have sole crystals embedded. 
• Platinum-plated vine design gives a traditional look to your appearance that gently whispers elegance to onlookers.
• White/black shafts are simple in design and expertly polished to deliver a final product that is sure to charm its way into your lover’s heart.
• Sole embedded crystal sparkles gently to catch the eye of onlookers.
• Dual necklaces with romantic notion make them ideal for unforgettable anniversary gifts.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily
Material: Alloy
Dimension: 7 x 42 MM (Black), 6 x 35 (White)
Chain Length: 18"