Jewelry For FREE – EverMarker

  Tips for you on how to find free items

1, There are 3 items in total free of charge on our website.   

2, They are scattering on our website of course. If I were you, I would search them under each category, page by page. The tip here is DO NOT MISS every single page!

3, You can tell the free items at the sight of the price tag. It goes as $ 0 USD.  

4, Please note that one free item for one order. If one order contains multiple free items, we only sent one of them out randomly.

5, Free items will stay on our website for a month.  

6, Spread the good news to your social contact. I am sure they will LOVE  your sharing.

7, If an order only contains one free Item, the order will be sent out with registered shipping method. They are not entitled to expedited shipping.

8, Free items are non-returnable & non-refundable.

 They are not that hard to find. Just need your Sharp eyes plus good patience!

Good Luck~