Romantic Half Heart Puzzle ID Bracelets For Lover Full Stainlesss Stee – EverMarker
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Romantic Half Heart Puzzle Couple ID Bracelets

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Brand EverMarker

Some people go through their lives never daring to wish, chase happiness or love others. Although such a life may prove safe, it isn’t truly living.
With this in mind, this set of unique bracelets was created to carry a special message meant to bless your relationship.
• A set comes with two alloy-metal bracelets each with either a silver connector with black half-heart or a rose-gold connector and white half-heart. Both bracelets contain crystals and written messages on connectors.
• Rose-gold bracelet has inscribed “WITH LOVE HAPP” and the black bracelet has inscribed “WISH AND INESS”. Together the two messages form ‘with wish, love and happiness’. This clever feature is sure to charm your way into your partners heart.
• Both bracelets have a white or black half-heart that when put together makes a full heart, to symbolize your melded hearts. Perfect gift for romantic occasions.
• Crystals embedded in each bracelet sparkle elegantly to dazzle your friends’ senses.
• Expert blend of alloy metals to deliver a final product that will not damage or scratch easily.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Occasion: Daily, Valentine's day
Material: Alloy
Length: 17cm + 5cm (female), 18cm +5cm (male)