Dallas Cowboy Sapphire Zircon Diamond Ring Set 3 Pieces – EverMarker
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Dallas Cowboy Sapphire Zircon Diamond Ring Set 3 Pieces


Brand EverMarker

¨¹ This sport¨¹s team jewel contains 3 separate rings, each covered in sparkling blue sapphire with stunning inlays of cubic zirconia crystals.

¨¹ The ring also contains a tiny blue star pendant that resembles the Dallas Cowboys football team, so you can support your favorite team in style.

¨¹ The rings have been fashioned out of 925 Sterling Silver to add that extra glistening touch to it.

¨¹ The sleek and sophisticated look of the ring is subtle enough to blend in with the rest of your clothes so it doesn¨¹t stick out too much, but just enough to be noticed.

¨¹ Wear this ring next time you watch the football and show your buddies how devoted you are to your team.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Women
Occasion: Daily, Holiday
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia
Width: 8mm(max)

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