RUINUO 925 Sterling Silver "Together" Heart Shape Magnetic Design Pendant Necklace Set for Lover Couple – EverMarker
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925 Sterling Silver &Together& Heart Shape Magnetic Design Couple Necklaces

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Brand EverMarker

Each set comes with two necklaces. Both necklaces have half a heart-shaped 925 Sterling Silver pendant attached with message inscribed and cubic zirconia inlay.
Pendants join together in unique fashion to make a novel gift that represents your and your lovers hearts melding together forever.
Pendants have either LOVE YOU or MISS YOU beautifully inscribed on the surface so you can openly declare your love for one another.
Each pendant is fashioned out of 925 Sterling Silver to deliver a surface that is smooth and glistens beautifully in light. Enhance your appearance with an elegant necklace.
Cubic zircon crystals inlaid in both pendants that sparkle brightly and make you stand out from the crowd.
Romantic theme of the necklaces makes them ideal for birthday or anniversary gifts for couples and soul mates.

Product Specifications:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver & Cubic Zircon
Flat Chain's length: 16.5 inch Pendent Size-0.66 x 0.78 (for women)
Cotton Chr>Cotton Chain's length: 19.6 inch Pendent Size-0.59 x 0.78 (for man)

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