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Personalized |Our Love Pure As the Sea| Noble Ocean Blue Couple Rings


Brand EverMarker

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In ancient times, Greek trading merchants sailed across vast and dangerous oceans to visit foreign lands of immense wealth and fortune.

Ancient folk lore says the treacherous waters of Poseidon, The God of the Ocean were flayed up in a frenzy to test the merchants to see if they were worthy of riches. Many merchants set sail only to never return again.

In order to keep the merchants strong in times of hardship and rough water, their wives gifted them blue ocean rings. When Poseidon whipped the oceans up in frenzies to test the men, the Greek merchants would look at their wives rings.

The dark blue shine to each ring reminded the merchants of their deep love for their wives. With this deep love in mind, they found the strength to persevere the ocean and return to Greece with massive amounts of gold and spoils.

Let this ring be symbolic of the love you two share, that runs deeper than the ocean.

Each ring is made of highly durable titanium steel.

Personalize e each ring with a secret message that represents your love for one another.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Couple
Style: Simple
Occasion: Daily, Engagement
Material: Titanium Steel
Width: 8mm(men), 6mm(women)


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