Vintage Cutout Crown Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring – EverMarker
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Vintage Cutout Crown Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring


Brand EverMarker

 ¨¹ The ring has been carefully fashioned out of synthetic metal before being carved with excruciating detail into a beautiful crown. Dazzle her senses with this exquisite traditional piece of jewelry 

¨¹ Present this ring to your lady for engagement and turn your princess into your queen.
¨¹ Cubic zirconia has been inlayed to add a beautiful sparkle that symbolizes the eccentric flare you feel when you see your love.
¨¹ The ring¨¹s base is made of quality alloy metals so you don¨¹t have to worry about the ring bending or breaking.

Product Specifications:
Gender: Women
Occasion: Engagement
Materials: Synthetic Metal, Cubic Zirconia
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box

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