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My necklaces finally came I love it


I like mine better

Mine n my Hubby's

Loved it

love this ring.

I have this one from evermarker!

xD lol

?????????? I Have Them ??

I love mine i anestesia have it on me its like i have a pace of my girlfriend with me when in not with her i love you baby

We each have a half on. ??

We been had ours!

Adorable, but cheap jewelry is cheap and I've had this for less than a year and both my stones are gone. Would not buy again.

Ours are better smile emoticon

Love mine??

I do love mine! Thank EverMarker!

My boyfriend gave me this necklace for Christmas. He claimed the darker half for himself. Lol X3

Still looks nice a year and a half later.

My bestie My ride r die

I have it

Got miness ????

Just got mine and my fiancee today.

I have that necklace

Pam want buy pay cash want brokup

Wearing my half!

Happy Valentine's day!!! Get this beauty from

Mine got here today!

Love it

I like them

Me and

Katie Boo you know me so well cause I have this lol this exact one


My husband and I have these. We love them.

Awww my wife and kids I have this

Now that for life been 14 years and counting wink emoticon


Got ours. smile emoticon



My fiance where's his every single day an never takes it off

My boyfriend actually bought this for us...we wear them everyday...I love it.

I bought one for me and my boyfriend no picture of the one he has I live in Idaho and he lives in Oregon. But I love it

Me and my boyfriend love ours smile emoticon

I got one lol

I got one for my gf and she wears one part and I wear the other so no matter what we always have each other's heart with us ?

What i payed 5 dollors for the ones me and my boyfriend wear and there exactly the same

My fiance and I have the blue and silver one. He bought them. I love them.

Me and my boyfriend have the blue and silver.

People always ask us to put them together so they can see the heart. ????


Havent opened mines yet..Cause i havent found the right girl to love so much to let her aprove this with me frown emoticon

My husband bought one for us and I love it!


Follow my new Instagram please anybody



My boyfriend got me this

Got mines


Got these twice in my relationship with hubby. The first pair got messed up ??

I've got my half...I wonder what he did with his

I has one

They have all the colors as well



I have those. Got them for Christmas

Ordered this 4

We got ours

I ?a?? ?????

She loves it!!

me & Kelly have these lol


I have one similar, its a music note

Get 2 chains with it if get off amazon

Comes with it

May 19, 2016 by EverMarker Client