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i received one very similar. engraved with the Lords Prayer. my go to piece no matter what I'm wearing!

My husband and I wear ours everyday!

My wife

My husband gifted me with one and we have it in each other's vehicle. I really love mine, thought it was a very thoughtful gesture..

Absolutely love mine!!! smile emoticon

Mine finally came in yesterday. We had it engraved the name from our tattoos. Loving it!!!

I got ours and had them engraved

Took a little long for delivery but we love them!!!!

Got mine from a friend and it has a scripture on it

Love mine!!

Where do you get the rings? I love mine and it has the Lord's Prayer too

My one ????

Mine ,hers, together:) <3<3<3

Got mine already

love mind

I love mine !!!

For sale

Mine says "I?Nobody" my friends will understand !! His says "I?Bootay"

For sale

I just got my set in the mail yesterday. They are beautiful.

The front

I love mine x

Now this 'Like'.

Got mine

Got mine

Love ours

I got these for me and Hunter they are so awesome I love them


I love Mine. We are wearing them for our 6th Anniversary which is June 6th. Thank You Ever maker ??

I ordered, was a great experience. I received 2 days before i expect it. Thank you so much

My hubby got ours engraved with " soulmates forever love".... We love them

Got mine love it. Had our wedding anniversary engraved on them.

Here's the engraved look and MANY THANKS TO OUR DEAR FRIEND

Can u make me one like this?

They've copied me

I have one is Nice


I love mine trish


My fiance got ours, with our names engraved on them. Mine on his, and his on mine. The pics do no justice. ?

This is the females.

This is the males

May 18, 2016 by EverMarker Client