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Weddings may happen all year round, A chic, understated dress is key, and a little Evermarker is the perfect way to take your look up a notch without upstaging the bride. Choosing a great (and appropriate) outfit isn’t always easy – here are our suggestions for four different wedding styles.

Timeless Traditional Wedding

The bride who chooses this wedding style has probably been planning it ever since she was a little girl. A classic white dress, traditional ceremonyand pastel color palette will likely be in effect. This is definitely not the time to pull out your most risqué ensemble. Keep it classy and chic with a light colored sheath or formal dress. Simple pearl studs or a liquid tennis bracelet are a great way to accessorize without going too glam.

No-Frills Modern Wedding

Some people spend money on travel while others invest in new homes, but not everyone is willing to drop their savings on an over-the-top get together. If you are attending a millennial style wedding, you probably won’t need to bust out the tuxedos and formal attire. Choose your own closet for something you would normally wear to a party or special event. This is an opportune time to display your own personal style and wear something that is truly you (the bride probably wants everyone to be comfortable so they can have the best time possible!). 

Destination Beach Wedding

Lucky you if you’re jetting off to a wedding in a beautiful location! A destination wedding by the ocean calls for a light and breezy dress in a fun color. Accent your look with some beachy jewelry like a pair of golden seashell earrings or a starfish pendant. Anklets and toe rings are also a fun way to play up your look, since you’ll likely be in sandals or sans footwear.

Whimsical Bohemian Wedding

An outdoor wedding illuminated by flickering candles at dusk emit a dreamlike effect – and so should what you choose to wear. A long, flowing dress in a color that complements the natural setting will pair perfectly with nature inspired jewelry. Channel your inner fairy and shop our Nature Collection for flower stud earrings or a pretty leaf ring that will perfectly accent your flower crown. A bohemian inspired wedding is the perfect time to inject a little whimsy into your look.

September 30, 2016 by EverMarker Editor
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