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Top 5 Christian Accessories

Where is Jesus though? I'd say He is right here in our hearts. But sometimes we are too caught up with daily routines to even remember His existence. That's when we let little pendants, bracelets and rings do their job, reminding us of the company of Jesus in the ups and downs of life.

The cross is a visual symbol of victory of Jesus over sin and death. It's totally fine not to wear one because we are following Jesus in so many ways, but if we do, we want to make the best of it. 

Now here we go! 

Top 1 - Personalized Simple Style Cross Titanium Steel Lover Necklaces

Look how simple the design is. Carved out of titanium steel, it is of high hardness and never fades, just like the love from and to Jesus. Put on the necklace, you'd be amazed how close to your heart it is. Coming in both black and silver, the necklace manifests the purity of His grace. 21g for men and 13g for women, it's the perfect weight for your body and soul. Sold at just $29.95 for a pair, it's affordable yet exquisite enough to remind us that our love for Jesus is not cheap! 

Top 2 - Simple Style Stainless Steel Cross Engraved Couple Bracelet

Personalized Simple Style Cross Titanium Steel

The lovers bracelets are unique enough, wearing an elegant, rich and fashion flavor. We use the finest and professional hand-cut stones. Each stone is cut one by one with great precision. Made of stainless steel, it signifies the endless love and awe to Jesus. Look how shiny and pure it is, radiating with this amazing grace that points you to the silver lining in darkness. Having this beautiful necklace will help us to keep in mind the Lord's inexhaustible love. Most of the times it's not easy, but we can make it!

Top 3 - Couple Pendant Necklace Daily Cross Titanium Steel Silver

Humble is the only word for this couple necklaces. Sometimes we eager to boast of the little achievements we've gained, which we know is not right but couldn't resist. This pair of cross necklaces comes just in time to let go of the boasting steam and bring us down to earth. The silver is glowing in all directions, like the love of Jesus surrounding us so tightly that nothing could penetrate it. Light as the necklace is, it's a firm affirmation of the uncompromising love to Jesus. 

Top 4 - Men's Bracelets Cross Silicone Black - Dark Blue

What is men's color? It should be a color for determined love, steadfast faith, immovable resolve and a tough mind. Probably only black and dark blue can be all that. $25.95 is meager for a big house or a fancy car, but it's enough to restore your faith in Jesus, because He just doesn't ask that much. All He needs is that you are inching toward Him, carried by His unfailing love.

Top 5 - Titanium Steel Cross Unisex Men Necklace

Standing firm is what this necklace is all about. By making this point, Paul was telling us to be strong in the Lord, which means we should  first be in the Lord, then know our own weakness and finally be aware of Lord's strength. Take this necklace as more of a source of power than just a necklace. As a man blessed by the Lord, darkness is nothing to be afraid of but to be overcome.

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No I didn’t want 4 rings only 2 I also wanted this item I put the item in my cart don’t know if you can access it to replace for the other 2ring it his n hers necklaces 925 silver 2 funny shape squares one is on leather rope the other is not

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