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Cuff-A-Day: Bracelet Fashion!

This week, I’m brightening my days with a “Cuff-a-Day” – real retail therapy. I have gone ahead and selected 7 cuff bracelets that I intend to dress up this week! How fun does that sound? I already feel more prepared and ready to face whatever this next week brings. When you’re typing away at your work computer, glance down and see these awesome bracelets, you’ll feel worlds better. Look great, feel great!

Monday: Totally Turquoise

Mondays, as you probably already know, are the worst. They are the uninvited weekend party-poopers…which is exactly why we must prepare. We’re taking back Monday! Instead of sleepy, grumpy and sad – we are going to be excited, happy and totally turquoise.

Tuesday: Sleek and Sophisticated Silver Look

Monday is over (thank goodness) and Tuesday is ready for you to step up to the plate! So let’s hit this one out of the park with a cool silver bracelet.

Wednesday: Hot Hump Day Hues

We’ve made it! We are halfway through the work week and we are still alive. That, in itself, is a victory worthy of a colorful happy dance. Thus, cue the hot hue. Red is my pick for this Wednesday.

Thursday: Pre-Friday Turquoise

Ahhh Thursday. We are truly over the hump. We have so little time left until the Friday finish line. Let’s get a little funky! A different shape, an inspiring color, wrapped up in sterling silver…

Friday: Crystal Celebration

We did it! We actually did it! We made it to Friday! This calls for a celebration – a crystal cuff celebration. Big and bold, this bracelet packs a major party punch! This cuff captures the essence of Friday, don’t you think?

Saturday: Wrapped up in Relaxation

Saturday is a selfish day for me. Brunch at my favorite local eatery, over to the pool to stretch out and bake in the summer sun, then head home to clean up for a dinner with the girls! Doing all of the things I want to do, wearing my “fun” clothes (non-work wardrobe).

Sunday: Sittin’ Back in Spinel

No more Sunday Scaries for this girl – I’ve got a new plan! I am prepared with a new attitude and a new jewelry wardrobe to handle all this week throws at me.

So what do you think? Will you try it with me? This is a seven-step process of retail therapy. Dose of jewelry a day to renew the attitude and the soul!

Make your next week a great one!

September 12, 2016 by EverMarker Editor

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