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August Birthstone – Meaning, Significance and Symbology

August Birthstone – Meaning, Significance and Symbology

The lime, green, gentle Peridot gem, the August birthstone is associated with less tangible qualities of peace, good fortune and happiness. The mellow glow of the Peridot, a soft, light green under the starlit sky or lantern has earned this lovely gemstone the title ‘The Evening Emerald’. The august birthstone is associated with prosperity, growth, dignity and love. It is also believed that the stone has the power to ward away Evil and nightmares, bestowing peace and progress in one’s life.

The stone is also known to be the ideal gift for a couple’s 16th Anniversary. Associated with love, loyalaugust birthstone 1ty, commitment and harmony, the stone has a beautiful poem associated with it. “Wear a Peridot or for thee, No conjugal fidelity, The August born without this stone,`Tis said, must live unloved alone”.

The peridot, a variety of olivine, is a It is a yellowish-green, lustrous stone, also called Chrysolite. The stone is of igneous origin, formed due to volcanic activity, and is found in shades of pale green, olive-green and lime. Ironically, the Peridot has long been revered by pirates as a talisman to ward off evil.

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Candy said:

August 19th is my sons b-day,he’ll be turning 19 Yrs old!! I’ve been looking For quite some time now too buy him a piece of jewelry with his birthstone in/on it…& never have had any luck..Soo it’s bout time I find the perfect birthstone gift!! Plz help

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