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An Introduction To Jewelry Making


I think that one of my favourite crafts is jewellery making. Beads should be part of any well-equipped jewellery making kit. I love the choice of styles that jewellery making allows you to try. The range of materials that you can use for jewellery making also means that their possible uses are limited only by my imagination. Even though I was not a particularly experienced craftsperson I soon found that I enjoyed jewellery making and created wonderfully original jewellery. Of course, I now wish that I was capable of far more intricate jewellery making but at least I am always improving on the ones I made before!

I enjoy jewellery making using a variety of different materials. It is fun to look at what I have handy that I can convert into pretty jewellery. One of my favourites is using strips of coloured paper for paper mache jewellery. My kids love tearing pictures out of glossy magazines and we try jewellery making together, well, almost! They prefer to move straight to the decorating stage and I have found that dried macaroni makes an ideal bead. The tubes of pasta have a ready-made hole for threading and can be painted easily. We also use clay quite a lot when jewellery making, probably because kids enjoy moulding the shapes. I have to take over the baking part but once that is done they can decorate and varnish their creations and continue with their jewellery making.

Of course, jewellery making is made more fun if you can give the jewellery to other people to wear. I like creating necklaces and earrings to give as gifts. People often appreciate handmade goods more than shop-bought ones, but more importantly, I save a fortune with my crafty offerings! My kids like making friendship bracelets for their mates and have recently got into using lettered jewellery to make up people's names on necklaces. A lot of kids wear them around here and also have become interested in jewellery making too!

I use a lot of different materials as a base for my jewellery making. It would probably be impossible for me to remember all of them but I like using leather cord and jewellery metal the most. I have tried almost anything that I could thread a bead onto probably! Nowadays I do not have the time to dedicate to jewellery making that I once did, in fact, I probably haven't made anything for over a year due to our latest addition but when she is older I may well teach her the basics too.

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June 27, 2017 by EverMarker Client

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