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When you want to find the most flattering ring for your hand, take a look at the shape of your fingers. Differed hand shapes look best with different shapes and sizes of stones.

Short Fingers

With short fingers the objective is to elongate the line of the hand. Marquise, pear shaped or oval shaped centers can be amazing in terms of creating a longer more graceful finger line.


Long Fingers

Long and slender fingers tend to be the most accommodating when it comes to engagement ring styles, being able to carry many different styles well. A good note to take is that princess cuts and rounds do look particularly flattering.


Wide/Large Fingers

The important thing here is to avoid rings which could appear too dainty. The best thing to try would be a split shank band, by breaking up the shank and widening the band of the ring it can help break up the finger itself. OR a larger stone, surrounded by a cluster or diamonds like a halo can also help to balance out the width.


Large Knuckles

The lovely thing about rings is that it draws the attention away from the knuckles. Choosing a style with a more prominent or ornate style can help guide the eye to the engagement ring itself. If you choose a ring with a thicker, heavier, shank it will by comparison help diminish the appearance of your knuckles.

May 12, 2016 by wang meng
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