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I Love You Match Heart 925 Sterling Silver Lovers Necklaces

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Brand Evermarker

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• Each pendant is half-heart shaped and made of 925 Sterling Silver. Both have black writing engraved and key & lock design.
• Matching half-heart pendants can be put together to create a full heart. One half is designed to have a key that inserts into a lock-shaped crevasse in the other half-heart. Unlock each other’s hearts and be bonded closer because of it.
• “I LOVE” & “YOU” engraved on either pendant to complete ‘I love you’. This romantic message makes for the ultimate birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift that your soul mate will never forget.
• 925 Sterling Silver in both pendants glistens incredibly to charm onlookers and dazzle the senses of friends and family.
• Professionally-polished surfaces reflect light beautifully to enchant your loved one.

Product Specifications:
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Packaging Method: Exquisite Gift Box
Chain Length: Men:50cm Women:45cm
Pendant Size: Men:3*1.5cm` Women:3*1.4cm

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