925 Sterling Silver Clover Couples Necklaces – EverMarker
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925 Sterling Silver Clover Couples Necklaces

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Brand Evermarker

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• One necklace has a rectangular pendant with a four-leaf clover cut-out. Other necklace has a green/silver four-leaf clover pendant. Both are made of 925 Sterling Silver.
• Four-leaf clover designs are matching and carry iconic blessings of luck and good fortune. Bless your relationship with this lucky set of adorable necklaces.
• 925 Sterling Silver pendants that glisten incredibly to dazzle the senses of onlookers and leave them in a state of awe.
• Matching pendants so you and your soul mate can be bonded closer with a similar set of accessories.
• Green cubic zirconia crystals in the clover pendant radiate an aura of mystique that will make heads turn.

Product Specifications:
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Main Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia(green)
Pendant Dimension: man:3.2cm*2.0cm, woman:2.4cm*1.2cm