2pcs His & Hers Angel Wings Heart Couples Pendant Necklace Set with 19" & 21" Chain (Silver Tone) – EverMarker
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Personalized His &Hers Angel Wings Heart Couples Pendant Necklaces

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Brand evermarker

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• Both necklaces have half-heart shaped stainless steel pendants with angel wing designs and written inscriptions.
• Pendants may be put together to create a full heart, symbolizing the melding of two lover’s hearts for eternity. Spice up your relationship with this unique gift.
• Beautifully designed angel wings on each pendant to add an elegant touch to each necklace so you can celebrate your love for one another in style.
• Each half-heart pendant has expertly inscribed on its surface “IF I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU” so you can express your love to your one and only at romantic occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.
• Stainless steel pendants that won’t discolor, damage or dent easily.

Product Specifications:
Metal: Stainless steel
Height: 1 inches
Width: 0.60 inches
Chain Length: 21 inches

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